About Teletronics

We have been building innovative software, enabling our customers to maximize their potential since 2007

At Teletronics we have always
had an agile and customer
centric mindset

We strive to exceed all expectations by always going above
and beyond in our quality of work. Our workforce is comprised of a wide variety of highly skilled professionals.  Free from organisational boundaries and job titles, we encourage all our team to be expert developers, meticulous testers, scrupulous product owners, savvy IT experts, and confident marketers of our brand and products. We bridge many different cultures and nationalities, and this is something that adds to our strengths and abilities in being agile and adaptable in our environment. As a diverse company with employees from all different nationalities, our people centred organisation has grown organically, adding only the right people to the right projects,
as our clients’ needs grow.